The Commissioners

The function of the Commissioners is to verify and evaluate claims, and, in so doing, to determine whether they are directly related to Iraq's invasion and occupation of Kuwait. The Commissioners assess the value of losses suffered by claimants and recommend compensation in reports to the Governing Council. 

Commissioners are chosen for their integrity, experience and expertise in such areas as law, accounting, loss adjustment, assessment of environmental damage, and engineering. They are international jurists and other professionals with an established international reputation. The geographical diversity of the Commissioners' nationalities is an important factor in their selection. The 59 Commissioners appointed up to date represent forty different nationalities

Candidates for the position of Commissioner are chosen by the Executive Secretary, usually from a Register of Experts that was established by the Secretary-General in 1991, which has since been regularly updated and maintained by the Commission's secretariat. The Executive Secretary recommends the candidates to the Secretary-General. If the candidates are approved, the Secretary-General nominates them for the Governing Council's decision. The Council then decides on their appointment. Commissioners are appointed for fixed terms.  

The Commissioners work in panels of three. Each panel is established to review a specific category or sub-category of claims. Of the nineteen panels of Commissioners established to date, thirteen have concluded their work and the remaining six are scheduled to complete their work by June 2005. The Executive Secretary assigns each new Commissioner to a panel and also decides which Commissioner shall serve as the Chairman of each panel. The Executive Secretary also submits the various instalments of claims to each panel.  

The panels of Commissioners meet in Geneva, at the Commission's headquarters. The Commission periodically contracts expert consultants to assist the panels of Commissioners in the valuation and quantification of claims. Further information about the way in which the panels work is contained in the claims and claims processing sections of this website.  

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